Whether you are a new business, looking to outsource your cleaning services or have decided your current contractor is not providing the cleaning services you need, Ceci’s Maids At your Service will go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied. A clean building is not only a positive reflection of your business, but is also a boost to your employees’ morale.  We will make sure your building projects an image that it is well cared for! We strive to provide professional cleaning services at affordable prices. Choosing a cleaning contractor is an important decision that effects how people will perceive your business.  Let us provide you with the high quality services that you need to keep your building looking great!

Services can be provided on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or as needed basis.  Typical services may include:

·        Trash removal

·        Vacuuming

·        Restroom cleaning

·        Dusting cleared desks and tables

·        Spot cleaning windows

·        Cleaning entryways

·        Sweeping & mopping

·        Emptying recycling

·        Vacuum elevators

·        Clean stairwells

·        Clean Breakroom